Meeting rooms

You are welcome to book our rooms at our house for your event.
For all booking inquiries please contact our head housekeeper Mrs. Rosewich.

Lecture hall


Our meeting centre offers a large lecture hall with modern conference facilities. From this room you can access our garden area.

max. 100 persons
162 qm (9 m x 18 m)

Room 301

Raum 301 (c) BAk

This medium-sized meeting room has windows that were designed by Ludwig Schaffrath. This room provides access to a roof-deck.

max. 60 persons
100 qm (12.2 m x 9.0 m)


Pavillon (c) BAk

In our garden area we offer a meeting room as a fully glazed pavillon.

max. 25 persons
49 qm (8.7 m x 5.6 m)

Further meeting rooms

Raum 300 (c) BAK

Five further meeting rooms are available for smaller groups of people.

12 - 20 persons

Computer room

EDV Raum (c) BAK

Our computer rooms offers up to 16 workstations for PC training courses.

Dining rooms

Speisesaal (c) BAK

We serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner at our tow dining rooms with a total capacity of 120 people. Do you have any special request? We are happy to help.


Speisesaal (c) BAK

Our large chapel can accommodate up to 120 persons.

Guest rooms

Speisesaal (c) BAK

We provide 27 single rooms and 9 double rooms, with each room having an en suite bathroom. Two double rooms are furnished for wheelchair users. In cooperation with the guest house "Bischof-Hemmerle-Haus" and the hotel IBIS Marschiertor in our direct neighborhood we are able to arrange accommodation for larger groups.

For further information about our conference centre click on: Welcome! 

Please note our current price list including our general terms and conditions of our house.

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